STP mode

ACDEX Markets utilizes the best straight-through transaction processing trading model (STP mode) on the market, eliminating human intervention, making pricing more transparent and providing traders with the most realistic market quotes. Let traders have better investment options and market execution advantages.

Deep fluidity

ACDEX Markets has established trading relationships with a number of liquidity providers, including major international banks, investment banks, large financial institutions, etc. In the event of extreme market volatility or lack of liquidity, we can still provide reliable and stable trading for traders. ensure that all orders are consistently executed. The most advantageous liquidity also allows us to offer better prices and perfect execution for larger orders.

Powerful MT4 trading platform

The MetaTrader4 platform is an online foreign exchange trading terminal widely used by investors worldwide, and is suitable for investors of various experience levels. We provides customers with a complete foreign trading method, and enjoys a faster foreign trading experience on our powerful MT4 trading platform.


Rich financial variety

  • Foreign exchange

    Market liquidity
    Huge choice of financial instruments
    Low minimum deposits
  • Commodity

    Easier access to popular commodity markets
    Fantastic way to diversify your portfolio
    Low margin requirements
  • Precious metal

    Considered potential safe havens
    Diversify investment portfolio
    International liquidity
  • Index

    Can be traded long or short
    njoy long trading hours
    Great for portfolio diversification

Forex Rates

Liquidity Providers