Announcement date:
July 24, 2020

Purpose of announcement:
In response to meet the regulatory requirement of ASIC, especially, for the regulations and audit directions related to the money laundering prevention act, ACDEX will adjust the corresponding internal control and audit of forex transaction operating procedures.


  1. When the company has doubts about the cash flow of any account, it has the right to freeze the suspicious account, refuse the deposit and withdrawal application and require the account owner to provide relevant supporting documents.
  2. According to the regulatory requirements, new review procedure for withdrawal and relevant internal control operations have been added. Therefore, since the date of this announcement, the customer withdrawal time of the original announcement has been adjusted from the original T+3 working days to within T+5 working days. The operating time is for the company to complete the withdrawal process, the actual arrival speed still depends on the smoothness of the blockchain.
  3. The company reserves the right to explain and modify the regulations in this announcement under special circumstances or unconventional matters.

Please note:

  1. Customer service staff and agents will never ask you for your transaction password, please remember not to hand over your transaction password.
  2. Please change your transaction password from the MT4 software regularly to ensure transaction security.